6 Best Filters for 50-Gallon Turtle Tanks (for a Healthy, Thriving Environment)

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A reliable turtle tank filter is essential to keep the water clean for your aquarium pet.

Turtles make a lot of waste, making their tank dirty fast and smelly. With time, this contaminated water will lead to harmful bacteria that may impact the health of your aquarium friend.

Having the best filter for your turtle tanks means more media. The filter will enable more passage of clean and crystal clean oxygenated water.

Finding a 50-gallon turtle tank filter can be pretty challenging with various filters. Our review will take you through quality, durable, and solid 50-gallon filters.

Let’s dive in.

Quick Summary: 6 Best Filters for 50-Gallon Turtle Tanks

Filter  Quick Facts
Tetra Reptofilter 50-Gallon -Three-stage filtration system

-Easy to clean

-Easy to set up

Zoo Med 50-Gallon Turtle Tank Filter -Adjustable flow rate

-Easy installation

-Easy to maintain

Grech 50-Gallon Turtle Tank Filter -5 watts UV sterilizer

-Adjustable flow rate

-Mechanical and biological filtration

Emmawu Turtle Tank Filter -Three-stage system

-Ultra-quiet monitor

-Charcoal activated pad

Aquaclear 50-Gallon Turtle Tank Filter -Low operating costs

-Fast installation

-Bigger filtration volume

Penn-Plax Aquarium Filter -Quiet operation

-Adjustable flow rate

-Directional nozzle


Best Filters for 50-Gallon Turtle Tanks – Our Top 6 Picks

1. Best Overall: Tetra Reptofilter 50-Gallon

The set uses three stages of tetra filtration technology to maintain the water clean and clear. Also, it does away with odors in frog terrarium and turtle newts.

It’s structured to fit in shallow water (2”), making it ideal for creating a waterfall feature for you and your pet to enjoy.

The 50-gallon package is convenient thus easy to clean and set up. Furthermore, it comes with a two-year limit and one repto-filter for the terrariums.

This all-life stage terrarium filter is ideal for turtles, newts, and frogs, and it uses the technology of whisper filtration. You will love its biological filtration that eliminates toxic nitrites and ammonia.


  • Easy to set up
  • Ideal for making waterfall feature
  • Biological filtration


  • No suction cup support

2. Best for Installation: Zoo Med 50-Gallon Turtle Tank Filter

The set is an external filter structured for turtle habitats. The 50-gallon set includes an entirely adjustable flow rate for best results.

This package has a design that is easy to maintain, operate and install. Besides, it comes with all media and parts that you will require; thus, no need for additional purchases.


  • Completely adjustable flow rate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to operate


  • Does not include a filter pump

3. Best Design: Grech 50-Gallon Turtle Tank Filter

This Grech filter consists of 5 watts UV sterilizer to help eliminate bacteria and algae, thus keeping the aquarium water clean and clear.

The packages come with bio media and active carbon. It has both mechanical and biological filtration.

Its adjustable flow rate filter with the surface skimmer helps in eliminating ugly surface films. 

However, it’s suitable for turtle tank sizes 20-50 gallons with a dimension of 5 x 9 x 7” (127.5 x229 x179mm).

Please note that if the impeller “flywheel” sits in its box for so long, you will need to give it a push to a given point to start.


  • Mechanical and biological filtration
  • Eliminates bacteria and algae
  • Adjustable flow rate.


  • Not easy to reassemble the components

4. Best Multi-Functional: Emmawu Turtle Tank Filter

The three-stage system has a bio-filtration pad, bio-media ball, and charcoal activated pad; thus no need for getting different filtration media. Additionally, it’s suitable for 50-gallon turtle tanks.

Depending on the tank’s placement, it’s ideal for interior, waterfall flow, or low-level turtle filters.

The ultra-quiet monitor smoothly runs when the pump head is ultimately put in the water. Please maintain the pads clean if they are dirt to avoid them from clogging.


  • Multifunctional filter
  • Three .filtration stages
  • Ultra-quiet


  • Takes a lot of time to clean

5. Best Budget: Aquaclear 50-Gallon Turtle Tank Filter

This Aquaclear filtration gives exceptional contact time using filter media and energy-efficient pumps, lowering operating costs.

It’s faster and easy to install. For best operation and efficiency, you will require to clean it after every two weeks.

The set provides optimal biological, chemical, and mechanical filtrations. It comes with a cycle guard, bio max, carbon activated filter, and aquaclear foam for excellent water quality.

This package is perfect for 20 to 50-gallon aquariums. Additionally, its filtration volume is seven times bigger than fish tank filters.


  • Seven times bigger filtration volume
  • Easy to install
  • Low operation costs


  • It is noisy

6. Best Quality: Penn-Plax Aquarium Filter

The set quietly gives clear water all through the aquarium. For 50-gallon turtle tanks, it cycles water at 175-gallon/hour.

Moreover, it’s perfect for saltwater and freshwater aquariums and various terrarium setups. It features an adjustable flow rate switch for reducing or increasing water flow.

The directional nozzle gives extra tank convenience and customization. It also utilizes four suction cups for horizontal and vertical mounting positions.

It’s equipped with two filter chambers and filter media (bio-sponge and carbon refillable cartridge).  Moreover, it’s perfect for 50-gallon aquarium tanks.

The filter effectively traps the floating particulate and does away with harmful toxins and chemicals. It also clears discolorations, lowers aquarium foul odors, thus optimizing anaerobic bacterial colonization.

Its cascade 600 includes venturi aeration to eliminate the air pump need leaving the water oxygenated. Not to mention a spray bar that distributes the filtered water evenly on the aquarium surface.

The package consists of instructions, making it easy to connect the air muffler and tube to the flow nozzle. Before turning it on, submerge it fully and fill the water in the filter.


  • Fully submersible
  • Efficient and quiet
  • Accommodating


  • Doesn’t use charcoal

Final Thoughts

Best Aquarium filter systems are the cornerstone of your 50-gallon turtle tank.

The unwashed nature of your 50-gallon turtle tank size might be much for it to handle. So, you will need a strong filter rate for use. 

Without a filtration system, you have no aquarium. All you have is a bucket of water with bygone things in it!

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Tonya Esperanza

Our water turtles are lovely creatures. Their serene manner radiates peacefulness around the house.
That's why taking care of their well being is really important to me, and I looked for the best equipment there is for their tank. Let me share with you what I found.

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Our water turtles are lovely creatures. Their serene manner radiates peacefulness around the house.
That’s why taking care of their well being is really important to me, and I looked for the best equipment there is for their tank. Let me share with you what I found.

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